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Why Tuk Tuk?

Also known as "Auto Rickshaws", Tuk Tuks are a common form of transportation around the Eastern world. Tuk Tuks have rich history and are deeply rooted in many Asian cities. Whether you're out running errands, or out to meet friends over dinner, Tuk Tuks are commonly used as a way to get around. The vibrance and fun is what drew us to the name "Tuk Tuk Eatery".


Owners Pepe and Deborah Stepensky are longtime veterans of the restaurant industry and share a passion for traveling and learning about other cultures... They currently operate Porkyland Mexican Grill servicing the Del Mar, Carmel Valley, and Torrey Hills neighborhoods as well as two longtime staples of Seaport Village: Margaritas Kitchen & Cantina, and San Diego Burger Company. Pepe and Deborah embarked on a new venture with Tuk Tuk as they saw the need for fast-casual Asian cuisine in Seaport Village. They were drawn to the uniqueness, flavor, and personality Tuk Tuk Eatery has to offer.


We believe in preserving Mother Earth's longevity. Because of this it's our mission to serve tasty food in compostable and recyclable disposables. The influence of being by the water, and around high traffic, we wanted to make sure we are doing our part in sustainability. We believe in large capacity minimal waste.

Our Sister Restaurants

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